Rats & Mice

Let’s face it, when it comes to small pets, you can’t beat the squeak. Domesticated rats make fantastic pets for pint-size and full-grown pet-lovers, alike. Believe it or not, they can give you the same interaction you’d have with a dog or cat: They’re highly intelligent, clean, and very social animals. And even though rats are usually nocturnal, they can quickly adjust their sleeping patterns to come out and play, the second you get home.

Rats are a pet-worthy choice, indeed. And below are even more reasons why.

Helpful hints to guide you on your rodent.

They’re pretty darn healthy.
Pet rats and mice require no vaccinations and carry no diseases. SNAP! (And no, that wasn’t a trap.)

Males and females are different. (No kidding.)
Males do get larger, and tend to be lazier and more laidback than the females. (Alright ladies, get those giggles down to a squeak level.) Another fun fact: Many pet-lovers actually prefer female mice because they don’t have the ‘musky’ odour that is natural for male mice. Just sayin’, guys.

Older females still get their groove on.
Even as females mature – or get old and grey, however you want to put it – they still love to play, play, play.

Rats are nose-friendly, y’all. 
Rats generally don’t smell, and if they do, it means their cage hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly enough. How’s that for a subtle hint?

Guess what? They love to groom.
Rats and mice will constantly wash their twitching little faces. (Purrfect… oops, wrong animal!) However, you can give your rat an occasional rub-a-dub-dub in the tub, to make sure he’s squeaky clean.

They live a little chunk of time.
The average life span of rats is two to three years. For mice, one to two years. For cats – sorry kitties, we really need to keep you out of this one. 

Rats are clean and tidy. Seriously.
Unlike guinea pigs, rats are really good housekeepers. Translation: They usually urinate in one corner of the cage. (Just what you were expecting us to say, right?)

Bottom line, pet-lovers – don’t believe the horror movies. Squeak, squeak!