Getting Your Aquarium Started

Paging all pet-lovers: Check out our helpful videos on the A-Z of aquarium life. From setting up your tank to getting right down into the fishy stuff, you’ll be an underwater whiz in no time Flathead.

Three types of finny friends.

Understanding the three types of fish to choose from is the best place to start, gills and boys:

Setting up the aquarium, tank you very much.

To set up a fintastic home for your friends you will nee: Tank, gravel, water conditioner, heater, food, decorations and plants.
As well as a clean cloth, bucket and strainer to clean the gravel and decorations.

Where to put your fish tank, by Guppy.

Choosing the best location now means you won’t have to move a heavy, full tank later.

Slime time: Rinsing and wiping the tank’s surfaces.

A good wipe and rinse goes a loong way for your aquarium, but remember to use clean cloths and no soap, detergents or chemicals.

Give gravel, plants and decor the ol’ washy-scrubby.

Rinse gravel, plants and decorations in water to remove and dust or dirt. Place small amounts of gravel in a sieve, and rinse several times, until clear water is coming through. Do not use soaps, detergents or chemicals.
When placing the gravel in the aquarium use a cup or your hands to ensure the glass is not broken.

How to set up the filter, for fish’s sake.

How to get the pulse of your aquarium beating – a must-see video:

Filling your aquarium with water. Gloop.

Oh-so-sensible steps for filling your fish tank with water – trust us on this one, pet-lovers:

Safety first, fishies – adding water ager & heater.

A water neutraliser, which also adds beneficial elements to the tank is a great idea – talk to your local pet store about what would suit your tank.

If you are introducing tropical fish, you’ll need a heater. Make sure you leave the heater to stand in the tank for a couple of minutes before turning it on. You’ll also need a thermometer to ensure you get the water to a balmy 25 degrees Celsius.

Live plants will require light on them for 6-8 hours a day. Don’t leave the light on for any longer than this.

Baiting the bacteria before adding fish.

Here’s how getting healthy bacteria going – or should we say, growing – will help the life of your fish:

Dive in, fish!

Here’s how to de-stress your finny friends, after the baggie trip home:

How and when to feed your bubbly besties.

Good question – which can actually affect how much time you spend cleaning your aquarium. Definitely catch this one:

Cleaning and maintenance – a reel deal.

Once a fortnight your aquarium will need 15-20% of it’s water replaced. Add an aqua safe product, and ensure the temperature of the water going in is similar to the existing aquarium water.

At the same time, clean the gravel and remove dirt from the tank with a syphen.

Additionally, once a month, you will need to rinse the filter. Turn off the pump, remove the filter box and rinse it in aquarium water.  Do not use tap water. Remove excess dirt, and replace wool and charcoal every 4-6 weeks.

Magnets, scrapers and scrub brushes assist in keeping glass clean and free of slime.

Remember, never use soap, detergent or chemicals.