Doggy Poo Etiquette

Picking up after your dog – it’s im-poo-tant.

Ah, there’s nothing better than letting your four-legged friend off his lead, watching him leap into the air to catch the ball you just threw, or run around the park chasing his tail…And then comes our ‘favourite’ part. See. Spot. Poo. Call in the doggie-poo bags! But seriously, as a responsible petlover, you should always pick up after your pet outdoors, to help keep walking areas clean and free of waste – and parasites. Ruh-roh!

Dog poo isn’t just unfetching in the looks department, not to mention, foul-smelling. It’s also baaaaad for our community and environment. As a result, your dog’s ‘business’ is serious business in most areas of New Zealand and Australia, where if you don’t remove or dispose of the poo properly, you’ll get one hefty fine. That bites.

Leaving Rover’s mess is roolly unhealthy.

Failing to clean up after our dog outdoors is unhealthy. Roolly unhealthy, to our surroundings.

For one, abandoned poo is harmful to other dogs. It can actually put them at risk for health problems such as Parvovirus, Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Hookworm, Roundworm, Tapeworm, and last but not least, Whipworm. Watch out, Whippets!

Your pet’s undisposed waste is also a risk to humans. They can catch Zoonoses from Hookworm, Tapeworm, Roundworm, and once again, that elusive Whipworm. (Who does he think he is?) Our two-legged comrades can also get eye and throat infections, and gastroenteritis from swimming in polluted waterways. Let’s just say it: EW!

And as we mentioned earlier, our environment also suffers from Pookie’s poo-poo. For example, if it washes into stormwater drains, it can pollute our fresh waterways and ultimately beaches and oceans. The water is then unsafe for swimming, and let’s just say there will finally be a reason behind that ‘shocked’ fish expression.

So, please remember to clean up after your pooch, in public. Pet owners who don’t care unfortunately give the rest of us a bad name and threaten our dog-owning privileges. So, petlovers unite – and don’t leave home without a doggie poo bag. Or better yet, try our Bags on Board® Dispensers. They’re sturdy and earth-friendly, making picking up after your dog a walk in the park.

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