Forgetting Commands

“I say ‘COME’ and he goes the other way.” Ruh-roh!

Some poochie pupils need a little reminding when learning ‘come’, but if it’s r-over and r-over and R-OVER again, your best bet is to teach him again, from scratch. That’s because once an animal considers something irrelevant, they have a hard time learning, ‘Oh wait, that means something after all’.

So, next time Fido turns a dog-ear when you call him, try a new word, like, ‘Here!’ Or, you may give ‘This way!’ a go. One of our petlovers likes to call out, ‘Leashes!’ We must say it’s drolly a treat seeing her dogs come barrelling over, at the sound of it. Whatever floats their doggy boats, right?

Or, if you’ve forgotten how to train them to come altogether, no worries – you’re barking up the right tree. Just wag on over to our Basic Obedience page, and your terrier’s as good as trained.