Types of Bedding

How To Buy A Bed That Lasts

Dog beds have become not only a functional pet need, but a popular pet accessory as well. New styles, designs and a varying prices can make it difficult to choose the best for your pet. Narrowing your choice by pin pointing the type and style helps (use the selector above) but we recognise that they are many brands and cheaper prices out there.

Putting your money on a dog bed purchase really depends on the quality of bed your after. Do you want one for this season only or would you prefer to have one that lasts. Once decided, buying on a quality brand bed will be less stressful.

The pet stores that carry most of the high-end brands get what you specify- either by style or make. Discount bed suppliers however, often put little emphasis on what a customer wants or needs, which has a lot to say about the products that they carry.

Discount brands have a cheaper price since not much has been spent on its development or scientific research. Therefore discount dog beds exist ultimately for a quick profit and not for long-term customer relationships that satisfy pets’ needs.

Brand name beds cost a lot because every aspect of the product is researched, innovated, graded and tested. We make products of high quality for customer’s satisfaction.

For you, saving on a few bucks today cost more in the long run.

Reviews about discount beds or complaints about products not being what they were thought to be are very common.

Max was always was a menace at bedtime, he was always bouncing around and getting in and out of bed. He was miss-behaving and taking hours to settle down to sleep. After he got a Serenity bed, his behaviour changed dramatically. He was too comfortable to even get out of bed to say goodnight! His pet parents were surprised at the difference a better bed could make.

Every cent you’ve put in that purchase is a guarantee of a dog bed that will fit your pet, last long-through the years, will not be damaged because of poor craftsmanship.

Masterpet have a variety of beds that include:

  • Non-slip bottoms (Great for wood and vinyl floors)
  • Machine washable (Gentle cycle)
  • Many different styles
  • Many different colours and designs to choose from
  • Soft plush materials
  • Fashionable neutral styles to suit any home decor
  • Cushion beds have removable internal cushions (So you can change the cover)
  • Sided beds have internal reversible cushions (So you can change the style)
  • Some styles are waterproof (Can be hosed down for easy maintenance)