Puppy Nutrition

The key to a healthy dog is to feed them a quality diet right from the start. Puppies develop at a fast pace and this varies dependent on breed and size:

For toy breeds, their rapid phase of growth is complete at around 3 months, adult weight is reached at 9 months and total growth/development is complete at around 12 months.

Whereas, rapid growth for giant breeds is complete around 6 months, adult weight reached as late as 15 months and total growth/development isn’t complete until around 24 months of age.

If you compare this time frame to humans, who keep growing until 16 to 18 years of age, you can see that puppies have a lot of work to do in a short space of time!

Feeding your puppy a premium puppy food like Black Hawk, will ensure they get all the right levels of energy, protein, calcium, phosphorous, omega oils, vitamins and minerals to help build strong muscles and bones, whilst supporting their growth phase. What you feed them can affect their ability to learn the skills they need for life.

Black Hawk Puppy Formulas are ideal for growing puppies; they are developed for their specific nutritional requirements and are made with REAL meat, FRESH fruit and veges, with no fillers and no nasties – nothing but the best for your bestie.