Kitten Play & Exercise

Pounce. Hide. Leap. Chase. Play!

Whether it’s your ’80s workout DVD or some friendly cricket with the boys, pet-lovers need exercise and play to feel alive and alert – and the same goes for your kitten. (Who by the way, wouldn’t mind a little grasshopper cousin, himself!) Play keeps cats of all ages healthy and strong. Without it, your pint-size Peterbald can become destructive, lazy and overweight. They’ll still be cute, of course – just not as healthy.

Giving your kitten a litter of fun and games is a leap in the right direction. Believe it or not, our favourite felines aren’t active by nature, so having their preferred pet-lover around to encourage and play with them will help your Tabby be more Tigger-like, and enjoy life a whole lot more. All it takes is 15–20 minutes, each day.


Domestic cats have no need to catch a meal – they enjoy prowling as a form of play.

Catnip has always been the cat’s pyjamas (paisley ones, for sure) when it comes to playtime. This natural herb is a member of the mint family, which explains its mild aroma that most cats and kittens find irresistible. They get a nice little h— let’s call it ‘short-term euphoric feeling’, which is completely harmless (or potentially not reactive). It’s one of the best ways to get your Tonkinese trippin’ on a textured or noisy toy – and ready to play.

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What kittens purr-fur in a toy.

Did you know that the way kittens play dates back to their wild ancestry? Because cats are predators, pouncing is a built-in behaviour that toys can bring out, tenfold. Just watch your kitten crouch behind a chair, eyes focused on the furry toy mouse, dangling from a string: In seconds, he’s pouncing, pinning and raking the toy with his hind claws.

So, here are some purr-worthy pointers to help you find the right toys to ruffle your Ragdoll:

Dual Play

These pawsitive playthings encourage a bit of merriment between you and your Manx. You can toy around with him, get his hunting instincts and exercise purring, and build special a bond. Me-WOW.


Cats are attracted to movement and touch. So, feathers, knitted materials and other textured toys will help your curious kitten explore and experience different feels.


Pull the cord on these pulsating playthings to stimulate your Siberian’s instinct to capture and torment. (Go, birdies, GO!) If your kitten’s that clever, he may pull the cord and play solo, however, this toy is generally meant for a twosome.


We’ve all seen how attracted felines are to noises – crinkles, bells and rattles are all top-cat attention-getters, in toys.