Choosing a Diet

Cats need a cat-tivore diet.

Today’s felines are descendants of carnivores, or cat-tivores, as they’d much prefer to call themselves. This means your furry friend needs much more protein and digestible ingredients in his kibbles than his favourite launch pad – er, pal – the dog. So, feeding him a meat-based diet of high-quality, animal proteins (versus the not-so-fabulous cereal) is the way to a pouncy, purry, tail-blazing life.

What’s so great about animal proteins, anyway (yeahhiss…)?

Better digestion. After all, it’s what your cat’s genetic make-up calls for.

Leaner body and toned muscles. Go ahead and flex ’em, Felix.

Healthy skin and coat. Not a cat hair out of place, Coco.

Packed with amino acids. Amino what? Not that kind of acid, silly kitty. These guys are what actually enable proteins to do all the good things they do. Absolutely essential for cats.

Black Hawk® Original Cat Food uses the highest quality Australian sourced meats, grains, vegetables and fruit. Nothing but the best for your best friends.

Now that we’ve covered that cat-n-caboodle, water is pawsitively crucial to your Pixie-bob’s diet, too. He’ll need it to stay hydrated and avoid a catastrophe like bladder disease. An average kitty should drink about 250ml of water a day. So, if water isn’t your British Shorthair’s cup of tea, you may want to consider adding some wet food into his diet.

The scoop on dry cat food.

Premium-quality, meat-based, dry cat foods are the cat’s meow for a number of reasons:

Easy to feed and clean up. Soooo easy to leave out over the day, especially for slim cats who like to graze (oh, no – you’ve caught me on kitty-cam!). Plus, less mess than wet food.

Good for healthy teeth. These crunchy kibble shapes actually scrape away plaque, reducing tartar formation. Your Devon Rex’s dental health is, of course, important, to lessen the chances of pain and infection to the liver, heart or kidneys. Regular checkups at your vet help a whole lot, too.

Great value. With all the healthy things premium dry foods do, you’ll save a chunk of money on vet bills. Me-WOW!