Hot Under the Collar: Sunburn & Cats

It’s hard to picture a more enviable sight than that of a cat sprawled out in the sun. Purrrr… But would you have ever guessed in a litter of years your basking Bengal could get sunburn?

Cat’s the truth, pet-lovers. Kitties can, in fact get burned (and not just by escapee grasshoppers) – particularly, if they have thin or light-coloured coats. And unfortunately, felines that do get sunburned are more likely to develop skin cancer. Scratch that!

Thankfully, you can buy sunscreen just for cats – zinc oxide and PABA-free sunscreen work, as well. As many felines looove basking on their backs, you’ll want to pay particular attention to covering the abdomen, but also nose, face and ear tips, which are actually even more susceptible to sunburn. That goes for your hairless or thin-coated kitty, too. Just be careful not to get the ol’ block in Sunny’s eyes. Me-OW!

And just to make sure you two have a top-cat summer, remember that warm weather brings fleas – hiss – so be sure to stock up on flea control. Leaving plenty of water out for your kitty will also keep him hydrated as things heat up. You’d hate for your Highlander to be hot under the collar, in any way.

Manx for your attention – now enjoy the summer!





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