What turns cats into meowfests.

Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.

On one paw, a meowing cat is endearing as all cat-out – Awww…Tiger’s trying to have a chat. But when it becomes a Pussycat Dolls album on repeat, suddenly it isn’t so cat-tivating. In fact, it can be rather piercing.

Now, before you have a hissy-fit, there is a reason for this (drums, please): He is, in fact, trying to talk to you. Cats meow to their mothers, as kittens. But in adulthood, they’ll hiss, growl, and yowl to each other – while saving the childhood ‘meow’ just for you. Cue: Awwww….

But if it’s driving you up the wall, all the cuteness goes right out the window, and we certainly don’t want that.

So, let’s talk about why your cat may be mewing so much, and what you can do about it.

Why all the mew, mew, mew?

So, your kitty reallllly has something to say, and you have no idea what’s behind it? Here are some of the most common reasons:

His breed. Meowing levels vary between breeds. For instance, Siamese cats and other Oriental species are considered great ‘talkers’. Cat’s a fact.

He’s missed you. If it’s just the occasional meow, like when you get home from work, your little Dundee is probably just saying, ‘G’day’. And fair enough – he’s missed you. Awww…..

He could be sick. If the meowing isn’t normal for your serene Savannah, then off to the vet he goes – just to make sure he isn’t sick or injured.

His environment has changed. If the meowing feels new, or really taken up a notch, it may because of a major change in your cat’s surroundings. Moving house, bringing home another pet or new baby are upheavals that can stir up your Snowshoe. Giving your furry friend a little extra TLC can work wonders, here.

He wants FOOD. If you find it’s a meowfest every time you enter the kitchen, you’re not alone. Cats have a sixth sense where tasty morsels are concerned. In this case, try not to give your choir cat food until he’s quiet. If this doesn’t work, you might consider getting an automatic feeder – at least your feline would meow at it, rather than you. Or to really mute the mews, you could pop the feeder outside or somewhere like the laundry room.

He’s not desexed. If your cat hasn’t been spayed (females) or neutered (males), it’s only natural for him to become quite chattier than normal during the mating season. Because, hey ladies… So, you may want to consider having him desexed.

Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Simply put, he may be meowing for attention. So, you’ll want to give your cat plenty of play, but only when he’s quiet. We’re talking lots of toys and stimulus, especially if he’s usually left alone for extended periods. Playtime is a top-cat way to tire your furry friend out. And one thing’s for sure – a sleeping cat isn’t a meowing cat.

And, the final mew.

If you reaaalllly want to maintain a quiet kitty, there are two key things to remember:

  • Reward him when he’s quiet.
  • Turn a deaf ear to his mouthy demands. Sorry, Chausie!

Repeating the command to “quiet” will eventually sink in to your chatty Chartreaux, especially if he doesn’t get his own way. So, keep it up until he learns how to be a good listener.

If none of this works, there’s always the chance that your motormouth Maine Coon just likes the sound of his own voice. In this case, you may have to learn to live with the catterbox. And is that really so bad?

Cue: Awwwww…



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