Korat (Si-Sawat) cat

Breed Korat (Si-Sawat)
Country of Origin Thailand
Coat Length Short
Age Expectancy 15yrs
Weight/Height Range 2.5-5kg
Shedding Minimal
Energy Level High

The Korat is of medium sized cat that is muscular and athletic. Ears are large and rounded, and the eyes are round, usually being green, green-gold or amber.

The Korat has a sparse undercoat and sheds seasonally, but the hairs do not come off when petted. The Korat’s coat is short, glossy and fine and lies close to the body. The coat over the spine tends to ‘break’ as the cat moves.

The coat colour is any shade of blue tipped with silver and the more silver tipping the better in a show cat, which should also have no tabby markings. The silver tipping develops from kittenhood to adolescence and finally reaches its full intensity at about two years of age. The nose leather, lips and paw pads are dark blue-grey or lavender.

The Korat has a quiet, sweet nature but is very intelligent and playful. They make ideal household pets and can be devoted to their human companions. They get on extremely well with children but do prefer a quiet home as opposed to an unruly household.

The Korat’s short coat does not require special grooming although they will enjoy a groom with a soft brush for the attention it brings from their human companion.