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Chicken Feed Range

Our Vitapet Chicken Food range will help you choose the right food for your chickens, whether they are baby chicks, adult chickens, free rangers or have a smaller roaming area. Our innovative and informative packaging makes it easy for you to select the correct diet for your backyard chicken family and enjoy all the benefits that chickens bring!

TIP: When introducing a new food into your chicken’s diet, do so gradually. This is best done by mixing a little new food with their existing food and gradually increasing the ratio of new to existing food over a period of a few days.

Vitapet Chicken Feed

Chickens are a fun and hard working addition to any home and their supply of the healthiest, tastiest eggs goes on and on.

VitaPet have a balanced formula suitable for all types of chickens and coops, including:

Chick Mix


This is our ‘City Chickens’ pellets crumbled to a texture and consistency suitable for chicks…

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Free Range


This is a vegetarian formula enriched with vitamins and minerals…

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City Chickens


Ideal for smaller city sections where there isn’t adequate foraging room…

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Wheat Treat


Wheat is a very healthy supplement for chickens and they love it…

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How To Choose Your Chicken Feed


Did You Know?

A chicken will require about 1 kg of food per week.