Trouble and Trix

We love cats. It’s hard not to – independent, arrogant, serene, elegant and beautiful.

These regal creatures, who remain largely aloof, manage to win our hearts with a gentle purr or an occasional rub against our legs.

At Trouble & Trix®, we realise that it’s an endless quest to win a cat’s affection but, as you know that’s half the fun.

As you gently rub under the chin or behind the ears, they close their eyes in sheer satisfaction and pleasure and you know that their affection has been well earned. When they decide to engage in the occasional folly and chase a toy mouse on a string, it’s well worth the wait.

We understand cats. We love that cats don’t demand a walk in the park or want to play ball at the beach; we like that they are self-cleaning, self-sufficient creatures; and we love the way they provide a sense of calm and stability to a home.

Like any great love affair, the reward is so much greater when you have to work to win affection.


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