Hello, pet-lovers – meet the Budgie.
Not sure about his name? That’s because Budgies are also called Parakeets or Budgerigars.

What else can we tell you about these vibrant little virtuosos?

Friendly, gentle and tweet.

Budgies may be small in size, but you won’t find a bird with a bigger heart or sunnier disposition. Native to Australia but also found in New Zealand, New Caledonia and the nearby islands, Budgies get along like a song with other members of the Parrot family.

Love the company of feathered friends.

Budgies loooove company. In the wild, they live in groups of between 40 and 60 birds, in one flock. So, if you work during the day, you may want to consider getting yours a Parakeet pal of his own.

Colourful birds, inside and out.

Like the wardrobe of any famous songstress, Budgies come in more than 100 colours, including blue, grey, white, yellow and multicolour. The majority, however, are green, which appears to be their ‘it’ colour, in the wild.

Feed on seed, yes indeed.

Budgies are happy with a seed mix on the menu, and fortunately there’s a wide variety available. These may include canary grass seed; white, red and yellow millets; and oats and linseed, to name a few. Some will contain iodine to prevent thyroid problems, which is good. Serve with fresh water daily, folks.

So, there you have it – the whole can of worms on a feathered friend for life!