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Chocolate: Not a Doggy Treat

As much as we woof to share everything with our best mutt, chocolate is better kept in the pantry and out of Sweetie’s paws. Gallopin’ Greyhounds! How on this grrreat earth couldRead more

How to nip a biting problem.

Biting and scratching are the two key ways your cat interacts with his world, paws down. So, when the two of you are playing ‘chase-the-mouse-on-the-pole’, it’s a natural instinct for your Chausie to useRead more

Treating urinary tract disease.

Ask any cat, and they’ll swear they wouldn’t wish urinary tract disease on their worst Boston Terrier – or even bathtub, if you want to get personal. Urinary tract diseaseRead more

Dogs that woof down food.

Sure, we all like to enjoy a few more helpings over the holidays, but for dogs, woofing food down can be a year-round behaviour. And one that can lead to a litterRead more