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Hot weather can take its toll on your little Joe Cool, particularly during the summer months. So, it’s important to keep him cool and comfy, while being a watchdog for heat stress: aRead more

Me-OW: Nailing Ear Infections

Something fishy with your cat’s ears? Me-ahhhh…. Kitties love a good scratch behind the ears. Because like their two-legged compawdres, felines get itchy, scratchy ears now and then. But ifRead more

My Goldfish is Counting Worms

At some point or another, we fish-lovers will undoubtedly experience our beloved Goldfish kicking the bucket. Cashing in his chips. Taking the last train to glory. You get the picture. AndRead more

Doggy Diabetes

Bow-wow: Doggies can get diabetes. Didn’t know your dog could get diabetes, just like their two-legged compawdres? You’re not alone. So, when many pet-lovers discover their pooch has the disease, it leavesRead more

Keeping sunburn on a tight leash.

Ah… summer with a pet: Fresh water, check. Flea control, check. Sunscreen…roolly?? Yessiree, dog. Even though summertime invites frolicking in the park, sloshing about the saltwater and watching classic Benji flicks at theRead more