Furry, fiery and fun.

Meet the ferret. He’s the little rascal of the weasel family, which also includes mink, skunks, otters and badgers around the holiday dinner table.

Anyone who has ever read Wind in the Willows, however, will understand that those in the ferret brood are anything but sentimental – in fact, they’re almost always the bad guys. That’s not to say these fiery furballs aren’t also funny, curious and quirky, but truth be told, their greatest delight is to outwit a human. Even if they’re a pet-lover!

So, if you’re cool with that, great, because the average life span of a ferret is eight to 10 years. So, that’s a pretty nice chunk of companionship, right? And just for your info, full-grown females weigh about one kilo, while males are larger – about two kilos, generally. Ferrets also come in a variety of browns, greys and blacks. (And may we just say, they do wear earth-tones quite well.)

Not big on kids. But huuuuge on hoopla.

Don’t get us wrong – ferrets can make fabulous pets, but there definitely will be times you’ll feel like you’ve taken on a tantrumming toddler. Kind of like having kids anyway, right? And speaking of, we don’t recommend a ferret playing house with small children. Let’s face it, they just don’t mix. Ol’ Fizzgig won’t turn his tail on a noisy kid – unfortunately, nipping is more his style.

Basically, these kooky little characters AREN’T for you, if:

  • You aren’t home much
  • Have children under the age of 10
  • Don’t enjoy chaos
  • Have a busy lifestyle that would prevent Fergie from roaming with her bad self

After that laundry list, you must admit ferrets don’t sound dull. And they’re not – they’re actually pet-loads of fun. After all, these cool little characters have distinctive, engaging personalities – think Will Ferret (or Ferrell, if you want to get technical). They’re also at their happiest in groups of two or more.

Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

Ferrets are quite the party animals – or at least realllllly active while they’re awake – and shouldn’t be caged unless absolutely necessary. Like most littlies, they’re generally hard at play about two hours before sunrise, and two hours before sunset.

Pet-lovers, hide your valuables. And everything else.

Here’s hoping you don’t like being the Petmaster of the household, because ferrets quickly establish their territories and set the house rules, folks. Like little detectives from Day One, they will investigate anything and everything. They will find and make nests. Choose and hide treasures. P.S., These treasures are usually your bags, boxes, socks or any rubbery item. Actually, anything that can be turned over, inside-out or dragged off – no matter the size – is fair game.

And when you get these little guys paired up, these manic mammals don’t muck about, folks: They prance, dance, wrestle and hunt down each other – as well as dogs, cats and people. But that’s why we love ’em, and think you will, too.

If you’re looking for a playmate with the pet-most in personality, look no further than a ferret. The furry, flurry of fun never stops.