Setting Up an Aquarium

So, you found the perfect catch of an aquarium – hook, line and sinker. You’re undoubtedly reeling about setting up your underwater world. But before you start zoning for plastic castles, you’ll just want to make sure you’ve ticked all the products you may need:

  • Glass aquarium
  • Aquarium filter (included with Blue Planet aquariums)
  • Aquarium gravel
  • Water ager
  • Aquarium heater (for keeping tropical fish)
  • Decorations and aquarium plants
  • Cloth and a bucket to clean your gravel and aquarium decorations

If there’s something on the list you don’t have yet, simply check out our aquarium product listing to find out more about it. Our store locator can also show you exactly where to get it, without having to tread water, looking.

Getting started on your armchair sea odyssey.

When it comes to enchantment under the sea – not the school dance, the fish tank – it’s all about setting up your aquarium right. While you may not be a able to turn your fishes’ frowns upside-down, they’ll still be happy as hell with a correctly-set aquarium they can call ‘home’. Whether it’s your first time owning a fish tank or you’re a full-out, aquarium addict, watching our helpful demo videos will give you the life aquatic in no time flathead.

Here’s how to set up your aquarium, and what you’ll need:

Getting your aquarium ready for visitors.

Here’s how to wash your gravel, plants and decor, to cut down on dirt, chemicals and other nasties going in to your aquarium:

Cleaning your aquarium, for pets’ sake.

Some of us would probably rather be floating at the top of the tank than cleaning it, but a good pet-lover’s work is never done, folks. Here’s how to keep your aquarium fit for your favourite fish:

Now you’re ready to make a splash with your new aquarium.