Fish First Aid

How to live aquarium life longer.

Let’s face it, the underwater world isn’t just otherworldly – it’s another planet completely. And that’s what makes owning pet fish so much fun – the chance to see exactly what these colourful little creatures get up to, under the sea.

With all this excitement, we understand you may want to build your finny family quickly. Unfortunately, too much too soon can lead to ill-fated fishes, cloudy tank water, or a complete restart of your whole aquarium. But that’s why we’re here, pet-lovers: To help you net out the whole fish tank experience, the first time around – and our Fish First Aid and resident fish petspert are here to assist.

So, from Angelfish to Zebra Danio, your scaly sidekicks can live happy, healthy lives.

Fish First Aid

Fish First Aid registration is currently disabled, pet-lovers. So sorry for the inconvenience. However, our resident fish petspert can still lend a fin to any of your questions or problems. Feel free to contact us directly with anything fishy at all.

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