Serenelife Kingdom 100

Serenelife Kingdom 100 EG520

Model: EG520 (Rectangle Aquarium)
Aquarium Dimensions: 66 x 38 x 49 cm (LxDxH)
Water Capacity: 100 Litres
Pump Capacity: 550 L/hr
Stand Available: EG520STW
Dimensions: 66 x 38 x 71 cm (LxDxH) (sold separately/flat packed)
Wattage: 26 watts
Lamp: 2 x 13 watt T-5 Tubes (inclusive)

Our aquariums come complete with a fully pressurised, three-stage filter and water pump, on-top of the aquarium unit. Adjustable flow regulator to suit various fish types or as required. Tanks are suitable for freshwater and saltwater fish.
Filter box includes: wool, sponge, charcoal and bio-balls.
Hood design is 100% rimless and eliminates water and salt stains around the edge of the aquarium hood.

Parts available:
EG476 Light, EG469 Filter Media, EG579 Water Pump.