High Powered LED Lighting

Blue Planet is proud to announce some new innovations and improved lighting for our larger aquariums. We’ve listened to consumers and retailers to bring some improvements through which we believe we will continue to inspire the fish hobbyist.

We have incorporated high-powered LED (HPLED) lighting to give an intense visual display while providing a power consumption benefit. In times of electricity prices increasing this change is a real benefit to the hobbyist in more ways than one.

HPLED lighting is something you see in homes, down-lights and even on semi-trailers. It is an intense light, which lasts a long time and uses little power consumption.

Some of the positive points of our HPLED lighting include:

High intensity lighting

Stimulates plant and coral growth, replicating natural sunlight.

Creates a shimmering effect

An impressive natural lighting effect, seen throughout the aquarium.

Low power consumption

Each bulb uses 1 watt of power, reducing the running cost as well as impact on the environment.

Contains no mercury

Fluorescent bulbs contain small amounts of mercury; LEDs use no heavy metals.

Increased bulb life

An expected life span of 20,000 hours or more than two years running 24 hours per day.

This improved lighting system will now come standard on our larger models above 100 L. However, you also have an option to switch out your existing fluorescent tube set as well with the replacement kits available.

Please note that HPLED lighting is different for replacements. It means you cannot replace the bulb or tube – if bulbs blow the system needs to be replaced completely. Our warranty does cover this for two years (three years if registered); however, at a later stage the replacement system needs to be switched over. To be clear, this means if one bulb blows, contact us and we’ll solve your problem.

Questions about cost that need to be considered include:

  • Difference from purchasing twin fluorescent lights every year, which is minimum if you want your plants and corals to grow.
  • The reduction in power from 13 watts per fluorescent tube, down to 1 watt per HPLED bulb.
  • Fluorescent tubes are less affective, as they lose intensity consistently from the moment your first turn them on.
  • HPLED remains at the same power the life of the bulb.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss personalised set-ups for your Blue Planet aquarium, please contact Steve.

If you have purchased an aquarium with HPLED, please register your aquarium in the warranty section plus below for your separate lighting warranty.

If you have purchased an HPLED replacement kit, please complete the details below. This will give you an extended warranty of three years on any manufacture fault.

For a replacement or to discuss any issues, please forward through to Steve.