Play Toys for Dogs

How to fetch the rrrright doggy toys.

Nothing feeds your dog’s brain, stamina and craving to have fun like a grrreat selection of doggy toys, in the house.

Variety is important for your waggety friend, indeed. And how’s this for a lucky dog – there’s almost as many toys out there for him, as there are for babies. But before you go and sniff out the pet store, here are some plaything pointers you’ll want to consider:

Whooo’s your doggy? Whooo’s your doggy?
The toys you buy your dog will depend on his breed, age and physical size. For example, big rope toys may not fit in the mouths of little toy dogs. Or, a rubber ball may no longer be in the stars for your ageing Staffie.

What kind of toy is it?
Ask yourself, does Digger need a toy for chewing, exercise, fetching, or how about (d) all of the above? Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely want to make sure they’re safe for your wet-nosed wonder. Dog any toys of the thin, cheapo rubber variety, or brittle plastic playthings – all of which are choking hazards. Ruh-roh! And as you would with your two-legged wee one, you’ll also want to supervise your pet with toys in general, just to make sure no accidents occur.

Where will he play with it – indoors or out?
If Rover’s more the outdoorsy type, you might consider toys that do well in wide-open spaces, like a rubber ball, or rope toy he can tug without crashing in to the china cabinet! Indoor toys might include safe chew toys he can gnaw by himself while you’re at work. And speaking of dogging boredom, just make sure you rotate his toys if he’s on his own, rather than giving him the whole litter at once. Puppies in particular have short attention spans, and actually dig a little mystery (it’s roolly fun!). So, if he owns a dozen dog toys, try giving him four one day while keeping the rest in his toy box. The next day, swap those for a different four. Repeating this strategy each day will have Bowser bouncing off the walls – figuratively, of course.

How big is your pocketbook?
As pet-lovers, we know how easy it is to get carried away by all the grrreat toys out there – and the next thing you know, you’re asking Rover to spot you some of his puppy chow, for dinner. But don’t worry, yelp is on the way:

Masterpet stores offer a wide variety of quality toys to fit your budget – seven different ranges, to be exact. And just to give you an idea of their value, all playthings are designed after natural doggy behaviours – and the good kind: chase, hunt and chew. Not only that, Spot’s senses will be lapping up our toys with different smells, noises and textures he woofs. We’re proud of our toys because they droolly make such a healthy difference in a dog’s life by:

  • Keeping stress on a short leash.
  • Dogging boredom and loneliness.
  • Getting his pent-up, physical and mental energy out for a run.
  • Licking many behavioural problems.
  • Helping to socialise and make your dog feel like best in show.

Now, we could yip-yap about our doggy toys forever, or even better, you could take a walk through our selection, below.


The Fresheeze range

The Fresheeze range is designed to act like a roolly fun dog toy, while sweetening your pooch’s breath. Not only that, it cleans your canine’s gums and maintains a healthy smile – all while Rover’s having the time of his rife!

  • Hours of chewing fun
  • Durable, washable
  • Minty flavour


The Teethers range

Puppies need to chew in order to exercise their jaws, relieve tension and loosen their ‘puppy’ teeth – and Teethers lick all these needs. Perfect for your teething terrier, this range comes in a variety of textures and thicknesses to smooth your puppy’s teeth, while helping him relieve his own pain. And if that wasn’t enough, our drool-worthy assortment will teach your puppy how enjoy doggy toys, so he’s less likely to sniff through your closet, for ideas.

  • Soft rope toys are gentle on teeth and gums
  • Designed for puppies
  • Cute puppy colours

The Playmates range

Playmates are all in the name, designed to help you and your favourite furball play, exercise and get you two closer than spots on a dog. Whether you and your pooch are looking for a good game of fetch, chase or ruff-house, Playmates are the perfect companion to take along.


The Chasers range

The Chasers range is one relluva workout for your waggety friend, disguised as a roolly fun dog toy. Chase and fetch are the names of the game, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you came up with even more canine contests, with Chasers on-hand.

  • Easy to wash
  • Interactive


The Chewers range

If your dog loves a good chew, definitely get him roped in to this range. Chewers not only let little Chewbacca bite into his favourite pastime; they also help distract his chompers from shoes or furniture. Also grrreat for dogs who love to wrestle.

  • Different ‘strengths’ of cotton rope to choose from
  • Made of durable cotton
  • Multiple chunky knots entertain for hours

The Cuddlies range

Who says you and your pooch can’t have fun inside the house? That’s what the Cuddlies range is all about. Whether it’s comfort, fetch, chase or wrestling Rover’s into, there’s a different size Cuddlie for every game – and dog.

  • Soft and cuddly
  • Fully washable
  • Great for puppies
  • Squeaker sound adds to the fun

The Entertaineeze range

Nothing takes a bite out of boredom like the Entertaineeze range. Great for your latchkey Labrador, this tantalising toy allows you to insert a treat inside of it. And after a bit of chewing, scrunching and rolling on Rover’s part, the treat travels through the maze and out comes his reward. Hot dog! A litter of sizes are available for large, medium and toy breeds.

  • Extra holes help dog avoid getting tongue stuck

Soft Dispense Ball

  • Soft plastic outer layer stays quiet during play
  • Puzzle structure provides hours of fun
  • Safe, durable plastic with no small breakable pieces

Treat Ball

  • Natural rubber
  • Three internal layers

Puzzle Ball

  • Natural rubber
  • Three internal layers
  • Easy access to input treats
  • Tumble weight on one side challenges dogs


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