Jerhigh Dog Treats

Real chicken meat. Say no more. Jerhigh is the real deal in quality tasty treats for your dog.Just ask Bruno, Jerhigh’s celebrity pooch. He’s on all the packs. And he’ll tell you about his inside contacts at the Jerhigh factory in Thailand and the well kept secret that Jerhigh chicken is pretty much the same premium fresh chicken humans pay big bucks for!

And it’s all chicken. No carcasses, off cuts or even bones. Prepared with care as the fresh chicken is carefully laid on trays and oven cooked for 16 hrs, then cut by hand into tender strips.

It’s hairnets, face masks, white coats and gloves all the way!

It all stems from the VitaPet belief in making it easy for you to do what’s best for your pets.

At Vitapet, we make only pet products. It’s our passion. Has been for over 50 years.

Which means we know what it’s like when your dog receives the right snacks and treats; their reaction is all you need to know that what you’re doing is the best thing.

Our unique heart packaging is the symbol of what drives our approach to these tasty treats – so look for it when you’re roaming those supermarket aisles.

Jerhigh Features & Benefits


Real chicken – made in a human grade food factory

Same premium fresh chicken humans pay big $ for. Highly palatable.


No by-products, such as carcasses, off-cuts, bones etc.

Rich, top quality protein sources.


Low in salt and less than 10% fat

Healthy treat option for all dogs and dogs on low-fat diets.


Range of treat sizes and shapes

Suits dogs of all sizes – and bite-size varieties are great for doggy treat rewards.


Puppy Milky Sticks

Suitable for puppies and includes calcium for strong bones.