Healthy Naturals Dog Treats

These days, it’s too easy to throw them any old snack in the hope of getting a reaction and keeping them occupied. But, not all snacks are good snacks.

Healthy Naturals are health food for dogs. They’re made exclusively in Australia and NZ and free of preservatives, colourings, chemicals, fillers, hormones, irradiation or antibiotics.

Which is why we call them ‘natural’. They quite simply are.

We hand prepare the majority of the treats, using natural ingredients, rather than the hidden nasties you may find in some other treats and snacks.

Best of all, Healthy Naturals fit with our belief at VitaPet in making it easy for you to do what’s best for your pets.

At Vitapet, we make only pet products. It’s our passion. Has been for over 50 years.

Which means we know what it’s like when your dog receives the right snacks and treats; their reaction is all you need to know that what you’re doing is the best thing.

Our unique heart packaging is the symbol of what drives our approach to these healthy natural treats – so look for it when you’re roaming those supermarket aisles.

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Healthy Naturals treats are available in Coles Supermarkets Australia and all leading supermarkets in New Zealand. 

* Not all products are available at all stores.