Puppy Nutrition

From his first “accidental” nap on the way home from the shelter, to discovering the difference between a T-bone and tennis shoes, puppies grow and develop doggone fast during their first few months of life.

Just how fast will your “baby” grow? That depends on his breed, meaning, a baby Boxer will probably be able to reach that new loaf of bread long before coochie-coochie Chihuahua. In fact, the size a larger breed grows in one year is actually the equivalent to 14 human years. Bow-WOW!

And what if your Wire Fox Terrier seems a bit… too wired? No need to freak. A puppy’s energy level can be up to three times that of a grown-up dog, per kilo.

So, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to caring for your new addition, but with the right nutrition, Eukanuba, your puppy will be on the right track from Day 1.

Eukanuba is one smart brand of puppy food, because it’s “personalised” for your dog’s breed size and growth speed. He’ll be well on his way to wellness, since all of Eukanuba’s puppy foods are created with 100% of the nutrition he needs, and 0% of those scrappy fillers he doesn’t. And with yummy, protein-packed chicken as the main ingredient, it tastes good, doggone it!

So, what does this means for your goo-goo Golden Retriever?


Strong Defences

Our antioxidant blend amps up his immune system, so the only bugs he’ll get are the ones he licks from the window sill.


Good Digestion

Eukanuba is easy to digest, so he’ll get all the healthy goodies. Nutritious beet pulp fibre helps make it happen, so you – and your carpet – will be glad to know what goes down, won’t come back up.


Better Learning

Loads of DHA helps your pup’s brain develop and makes him easier to train. Now, that’s one smart puppy!


Strong Bones & Muscles

The perfect nutritional balance of calcium and phosphorus means best-in-show bone and muscle development. Underdog, look out!


All together, that’s one, long healthy life of runs, fetches, tricks, yips, barks, sniffs, slurps and piano-playing (trust us, we’ve seen it on YouTube).

And it all begins with our woof-it-down selection of Eukanuba puppy foods.

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