Purritos Cheesy Cat Treats

Playtime never tasted so good. Purrrr.

Cats have always called themselves the ‘big cheese’. But they never really knew how tasty cheese actually was, even after all those years of watching cartoon mice nibble it down to nothing.

And then Purritos came along, and “you had me at the package crinkle,” reports Simba.

Purritos are crunchy, cheese-flavoured treat balls, secretly packed with vitamins. And the way cats react to them? Let’s just say Purritos are giving catnip a good run for its money. They’re yummy, healthy and me-WOW, are they fun – keeping kitty happy and out of your toilet paper roll’s way.

Simply take the treat out of the packet, give it a good bounce, and watch your cat pounce. Purritos’ cheesy aroma will have him chasing it around like a playful kitten, over and over again. (But I AM still a kitten… Oh sorry, Fluffy – we forgot you are only seven.)

Purritos – the feline print.

Purritos are made in Australia – hot-diggity Dwarf Cat – and are available in three nose-licking flavours. Each pack contains over 100 treats and features a resealable ziplock to keep them fresh and crunchy. Basically, they’re the cat’s meow.

The VitaPet logo reminds you that you’re getting the pick of the litter when it comes to quality treats. After all, VitaPet has been making pet products for 50 years. And after all that time, we still make treats with only the best natural ingredients, lovingly prepared within strictly-controlled processes. In other words, VitaPet snacks are healthy treats your pet will love.