Trouble & Trix No More Litter Box Odours – Powder

cat-litterbox-powder-220x200Cats using litterboxes definitely makes life simpler – even if you do believe your cat would look crazy-cute wearing a nappy. Regardless, buying heavy bag after bag of litter can be exhausting and expensive. So, we try to make it last as long as possible – while keeping those out-of-control odours on a short leash.

This is where Trouble & Trix® No More Litterbox Odours comes in. It’s specially formulated to get rid of those unpleasant (that’s putting it kittenly) litterbox odours. How does  No More Litterbox Odours do it? Using natural, non-toxic zeolites, which effectively absorb the smellies and extend the litter life.

In case you were wondering, zeolites are naturally-occurring minerals, famous as Felix for their ability to neutralise odour-causing ammonia, at a molecular level. (Thanks for that, Dr. Dolittle.)

How to use it.

Simply sprinkle No More Litterbox Odours across the bottom of your cat’s litter box, then pour your usual amount of litter, on top. Next, lightly sprinkle the surface with No More Litterbox Odours and mix(But no need to taste-test with a spoon or anything.)

Suitable for use with any brand or style of cat litter. Purrrr.

Available in 500g.