Purrfit Clumping Litter

Purrfit-Clumping_LitterPurrfit Scented Clumping Litter has a masking agent (a mild lavender scent) and forms clumps so you can scoop up and discard just the messy bits – increasing how long the litter will last.

Odour Control  Tick_PuppleTick_PuppleTick_PuppleTick_PuppleTick_Pupple
Absorbency  Tick_PuppleTick_PuppleTick_PuppleTick_PuppleTick_Pupple
Non Tracking  Tick_PuppleTick_PuppleTick_PuppleTick_GrayTick_Gray

1 Bag • 1 Cat • 6 weeks

Available in 3l, 7l bags