Purrfit Clay Plus Litter


Purrfit Clay Plus Litter has been filtered to remove smaller particles that can get stuck to a cat’s paws and then tracked around the house. The clay litter particles are light because they are filled with minute porous cavities where liquid can be trapped. The more cavities, the more liquid is absorbed meaning that some of the best clay litters are the lightest!

Odour Control Tick_OrangeTick_OrangeTick_OrangeTick_GrayTick_Gray
Absorbency Tick_OrangeTick_OrangeTick_OrangeTick_Orange_HalfTick_Gray
Non Tracking Tick_OrangeTick_OrangeTick_OrangeTick_OrangeTick_Gray

1 Bag • 1 Cat • 4 weeks

Available in 3l, 7l, 15l bags