Scratching the heatstroke problem.

Let’s face it, cats are famous for playing it cool – even while they’re sprawling under a sunbeam or cuddling next to the heat vent. But during the summer months, when Mother Nature’s turned up the heat, you’ll want to keep your kitty extra cool and comfy, so that he doesn’t develop heat stress: a very dangerous condition that can cause multi-organ failure in your chillin’ Chausie. Unfortunately, just a few minutes of being left unattended in the wrong conditions can lead to symptoms, in your cat.

Signs of heat-stress to keep a cat’s eye on:

  • Panting and respiratory distress
  • Excessive salivation
  • High fever
  • Red gums
  • Rapid heart rate
  • A staring or anxious expression
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Seizures

So, if your hot-wired Himalayan is showing any of signs of heat stress at all, you’ll want to reduce his temperature immediately by immersing him or spraying him with cool water – hissy-fits and all. Placing cold wet towels on your favourite feline helps, as well. Then, it’s best to take your heated Highlander to the vet right away – just to make sure he comes out without a scratch.

Protecting your cool cat during the hot summer.

  • Don’t leave your cat – or any pet, for that matter – unattended in a hot car. As much as we’d like to be pawsitive, realistically, cars can be death traps. Inside temps can rise to over 60 degrees in only minutes.
  • If you must leave your kitty in the car, open the windows and vents as much as possible, without providing an escape route. Give him plenty of fresh water and check-in at least every 10 minutes to make sure he’s OK. Or, you can save yourself the whole cat-n-kaboodle, and not leave Smokey in the car. Pawsitively, your best option.
  • If your adventurous American Wirehair hangs outdoors, make sure he has plenty of shelter from the sun and heat. This means placing his outdoor kennel in a shaded area, and ensuring it’s well-ventilated. It’s also very important that your cool kitty has plenty of cool drinking water available. Mew, mew!
  • Keep your longhaired hippie kitty well-groomed, to stay cool, no matter how many times he mewses about looking like Cat Stevens. Grooming may involve clipping off his long or matted hair –  because it’s all about the beard anyway, Yusef. If you need an extra paw to get started, just head to our grooming section.

May you and your kitty have the coolest summer ever. Paws down.


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